29 (Gear, Dollar For, Waldo Lake & More!)

In this episode we give our first impressions of the Ikan 5 inch monitor. Check out out here:


We talk about working with Dollar For to help promote what they are doing in the non-profit world. Dollar For works with local families to provide financial support for medical bills. We showed up at an event they were having at the Stormbreaker Brewing location in Portland during the Radler Festival. We will be creating a highlight/promo for Dollar For soon. Check them out here:



Then, we chat about our visits to Waldo Lake and Sunset Falls. Expect a ton of content from those outings. 

Lastly we discuss our finalization of the Compass Oncology promotional work that we started a few months ago. It was great working with them and we hope to work with them in the future. 

We also talk about using Videohive.net to help with some motion graphic titling. Check them out here:


Thanks for listening!

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