16 (Run! Photo Shoot and Finding Music)

Welcome to another episode! In this episode we talk about our experience work for Run! Day Camp For Dogs shooting photos. We had a great time and they are a great company that have a real passion for dogs. This gig was part of a collaboration with The Blast Studio which is a great company that provides marketing solutions. After that we talk about finding music for some videos we are putting together for Cloak and Dagger Barbers. It is expensive to license music and royalty free is limited so there is a balance when you are on a budget. The videos turned out awesome BTW. 

Check out the Run! here: http://www.daycampfordogs.com/

Check out the Blast Studio here: http://theblaststudio.com/

Check out Cloak and Dagger Barbers here: http://www.cloakanddaggerbarbers.com/

Thanks for listening!